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Richard Lee
Associate Professor of Philosophy,
University of Arkansas
Department of Philosophy
MAIN 318
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701 USA
Phone: 479-575-5826
(stay on line for voice mail)
Office: MAIN 302
Fax: 479-575-2029
E-mail: rlee@uark.edu
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Courses this year:
    Autumn 2019 Spring 2020 Summer 2020
Introduction to Philosophy (on line) Introduction to Philosophy (on line) Introduction to Philosophy (on line)
Introduction to Ethics (on line) Introduction to Ethics (on line) Introduction to Ethics (on line)
Contemporary Ethical Theory Philosophy of Art

Other recent courses:
Autumn 2018 Seminar: Other Meaning
Autumn 2017 Honors Colloquium: Philosophy of Music
Autumn 2016 Seminar: Constructivism in Ethics
Autumn 2013 Introduction to Philosophy (large lecture)
Autumn 2013 Special Topics: Theories of Happiness
Spring   2013 Capstone Course: Theories of Happiness
Autumn 2012 Honors Introduction to Philosophy
Autumn 2012 Seminar: Parfit's On What Matters
Autumn 2011 Contemporary Ethical Theory
Autumn 2011 Ethics and the Professions
Summer 2011 Introduction to Ethics
Autumn 2010 Classical Ethical Theory
Spring   2010 Seminar: Intention, Double Effect, and Scanlon
Spring   2009 Environmental Ethics
Autumn 2007 Seminar: Moral Particularism
Summer 2004 Introduction to Logic
Autumn 2003 Seminar: Practical Reason
Spring    2003 Introduction to Philosophy, secs 2 & 4
Autumn 2002 Honors Colloquium: The Ethics of Life and Death
Autumn 2001 Seminar: General Value Theory
Spring    2000 Seminar: Moral Dilemmas
Summer 1999 Seminar/Colloquium: Scanlon
Autumn 1998 Seminar: Hume
Autumn 1996 Seminar: Kantian Ethics
Gregorian Schola
(my Gregorian chant choir)
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