Gregorian Missal
Parce Domine ...

The Gregorian Schola of St. Joseph Parish uses as its main book the Gregorian Missal prepared by the Monks of Solesmes, copyrighted in 1990, and available in the United States from Paraclete Press and from GIA Publications.\

The Gregorian Missal to a large extent replaces and updates the long out of print Liber Usualis (Desclee & Co, 1952). (Although the Liber has recently been reprinted by St. Bonaventure Publications.) The Gregorian Missal includes the chants for the ordinary (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei), and the propers (Introit, Gradual, Alleluia, Offertory, and Communion) for Sunday Masses and Feast days. These chants are in square note neum notation. Each chant is provided with an English translation (although the chants are still in Latin, of course; the English is provided not for performance, but for comprehension). The book also lists the citations for readings for those masses in each of the three cycles (but not the actual texts of the scripture readings) and includes the proper prayers in Latin (with English translation), Eucharistic prayers in Latin. All this is, unlike in the Liber, according to the current rite. A few special chants are provided, e.g. for sprinkling rites (in and out of Paschal time). With this book and a Vulgate edition of the Bible (and a priest who can homilize in the language) you could have a mass completely in Latin.

What the old Liber Usualis has that the Gregorian Missal lacks is:

On the other hand, the Gregorian Missal, unlike the Liber, includes: Chants which appear in both books are nearly always completely identical except for:

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